About Me

I am a recent graduate of Ryerson University with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree. All of my works have been narrative based – exploring various mediums and forms of which stories can be told. I am interested in how different expressions can be illustrated depending on the forms which they take.

Previously I have worked as a teaching assistant by helping students create awesome projects using a laser cutter, and am still held to a Research Assistant contract to James (Jim) Slotta at the University of Toronto with an installation piece.

I am currently working on a personal project within a program called Twine – which is “an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories.”  This is proving to be my most difficult project yet, which is the reason why I have chosen to pursue it. My goal is to create a literary narrative which uses a form of adaptive storytelling.

If you see my Twitch channel is live on the top left, that means I am probably live streaming my work progress -if I am, then come say hello!

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