Work In Progress: The World Map

This was a fun exercise: Every fantasy story needs a good map, and so I decided to learn some cartography!

For the overworld map, I followed an interesting technique which involves a primary step of “randomly” scattering beans, M&Ms, or whatever other small round object over a sheet of paper. Then, after grouping them into coherent shapes, I lightly traced over them with a pencil.
I decided to be a bit picky and wanted the world to be comprised of bulky continents.

However I felt like the world felt kind of… empty. So I drew out another map, then cut out some of the pieces and inserted them onto the original map.

This is what I’ve got so far. I will add some details such as cities and villages, forests, etc. onto the map and edit this post. Afterwards I plan on importing the map into Photoshop where I can do some post work.

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